The Advantages of Using an FC2 Female Condom

The FC2 female Condom is a thin, flexible pouch that is worn by the woman during sex.  It features a flexible polyurethane ring at the closed end of the pouch and a soft nitrile ring at the open end.

The FC2 condom is made from non latex synthetic rubber and acts as a barrier to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.  It has also been proven to be effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. When it is inserted, the FC2 condom covers the vagina, cervix, and part of the external genitalia.

There are a number of advantages to using FC2 female condoms.  While the majority of the condoms that are manufacturered are male condoms, some men find that wearing a condom is uncomfortable for them and do not want to wear them.  When the male partner does not want to wear the condom, women can still protect themselves and their partner by using the female condom.  Having the female condom gives women the control over her health and she does not have to depend on her male partner to wear the condom.

If you are allergic to latex, the FC2 condom is a great, non latex alternative.  Since this condom is made of synthetic non latex rubber, this eliminates the worry or concern of havng an allergic reaction to the condom.  While there are non latex male condom alternatives, the FC2 condom gives the male and female another condom alternative if the male does not want to wear the condom.
In the heat of passion, some couples may feel that putting on a condom takes away from the sexual experience.  The FC2 condom can be inserted prior to intercourse.  You can also use the FC2 Female condom as part of foreplay by having your partner insert the female condom into the vagina.  Women who have used the FC2 female condom have stated that the outer ring of the condom heightens her sexual pleasure because it stimulates the clitoris.
When you use a male condom, the penis must be erect in order for the condom to fit properly.  When you use the female condom, you do not have to depend on your male partner to have an erection.  Plus, if the male happens to lose his erection during sex, there is no concern as to whether the condom will slip off.
Female condoms, like male condoms are very simple to obtain,  They are available at drugstores, online retailers, and some supermarkets.  FC2 condoms do not require a doctor’s visit or a prescription.

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