Large-Sized Condom Solutions for Big Penises

Is your peen Texas-sized? Got enormous erection condom problems? If you or your partner are having trouble stuffing into a snugger fit or being strangled or left uncovered by a regular-sized condom, check out this helpful condom size buying guide for helpful pointers on the best fitting condoms for big penises!


When it’s time to size up, finding the dialed-up dimensions you need for comfort and protection at your local pharmacy may not be so easy. So, for your shopping convenience, all five of Condoms Fast’s biggest condoms (listed below) are linked to their online product pages where you’ll find their full specs, measurements and details.

5. Trojan NaturaLambs


The Trojan NaturaLamb condoms are 7.37” long x 5” circumference and are made from a natural, intestinal membrane, so while they’re non-latex, they are not vegan-friendly. Lambskin condoms offer superior heat transfer with a natural feeling, but they do not stretch and are secured by a drawstring. Beware though, these condoms only protect against unwanted pregnancies, and not STI and STD transfer.

4. Caution Wear Grande


Caution Wear’s largest condom, the aptly named Grande, is a sizable 8.8” long x 4.24” circumference. Made from an incredibly thin and sheer latex material, with a straight-fit and a reservoir tip, the Caution Wear Grande is a sheer delight and a grand champion amongst lesser large-sized condoms. Plus, it’s coated with a very high-quality and long-lasting silicone-based lubricant. Score!

3. Durex XXL

CondomDepot-Review-FI-durex-xxl‘s longest condom is the Durex XXL. At a lengthy 9.25” long x 4.42” circumference, these condoms are way beyond the above average condom size range.

Do you need a condom this size? For the sake of keeping the condom intact and your partner from bleeding, let’s talk microtear prevention. It’s all about the lube. What’s the ideal lube to pair with the Durex XXL? Thick and rich, pure silicone, like Pjur Man Basic.

2. FC2 Female Condom


If the biggest problem you have with finding the right condom size is fitting into a small girth or width– the internally worn FC2 Female Condom is our widest condom. These girth-friendly condoms are made from a non-latex material called nitrile, which is perfect for anyone who is allergic to latex.

The FC2 is 6.87” long x 5.74” in girth and its extra material on the outer ring provides more coverage against skin-to-skin STIs than traditional male condoms since it overlays the labia/perianal region, instead of just the shaft. Here’s a recent FC2 condom review from our staff for more honest info on using female condoms.

1. Trojan Magnum Thins


At 8.12” by 4.5” around, Trojan Magnum Thins are our widest male, latex condom. Technically the same size as the Trojan Magnum Ribbed condom, the Thin version offers additional sensitivity and stretch (versus it’s equally massive textured Magnum brother) An easy-on, flared shape with ample headroom, mixed with optimal feelings and sensations for both partners makes this sensitive and super-sized condom #1 on our list.

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