How-To: Safer Sex in the Shower (or Underwater)

Are you living in the Age of Aquari-lust? Want to know how-to safely wet your whistle?

It’s all about the right silicone-based personal lubricant, silicone-lubricated condoms, waterproof adult toys, sex positions and integrating our safer-sex-in-the-shower pro tips.

Keep reading to become a splashing success by having safer, sexier times in the shower!


Wet, water lovin’ is a remarkable occasion. Find out how-to have the best safer sex and masturbation in the shower you’ve ever had!

It’s all included in this gushingly informative guide to grindin’ goodies in the shower, tub or while underwater from the Condoms Fast Blog.

Waterproof Personal Lubricants


As discussed in, “Which lubes are safe to use with condoms?” you should never use bathroom products as lube during safer sex, as they can cause a condom to break

Additionally, water-based lubricants will wash off immediately, offering no protection or comfort. For slickness and safety, long-lasting, waterproof silicone-based lubes are the only way to play in the rain.

Use a Lube Shooter to really get it all up in there. This will also serve to prevent increased risk of STI transmission from tears from vaginal dryness or from anal sex issues like rips in the delicate lining or hemorrhoids.

Want to clean up prior to or following? Unclench and try using the Vulcanite Anal Douche to make it a cinch!

Here are the best silicone-based lubes for safer shower sex:

Silicone-Lubricated Condoms 


Want waves of pleasure? When it comes to underwater activities, not all condoms were created equal.

While some condom companies and brands coat their condoms in water-based lubricants, which wash right off in water– others go all out and slather those suckers in silicone-based lube. The water just beads up and rolls off the rubber, leaving the condom just as juicy as before!

Simply click on any of the silicone-lubricated condoms listed below for a full staff review!

Waterproof Sex Toys

pulsabath-lgLike a sports watch, there IS a difference between waterproof vs water-resistant labeled sex toys. Head these warnings and watch out for anything with batteries or a motor (and obviously, don’t use anything that plugs in like the Magic Wand).

Shower Sex Positions


Pro Tips: Slippage & Safety


Sex in the shower pro tips to prevent the most personal type of injury (and yes, you can break your penis):

  1. Showers with bars and handles built-in are great, but suction cup handles can be purchased and strategically placed for optimal stability.
  2. Lube is slippery by nature, so adhere plenty of large, textured foot grips on the floor of the shower or tub for traction.
  3. At home or at a motel or hotel, be sure to really clean the tub prior to gettin’ it on. Rinse harsh chemical solvents thoroughly and ventilate the space with a fan or open window.
  4. Invest in some breakaway shower curtain rod rings, lest a lust-filled yank takes the entire rod(s) down.
  5. Beware of the invisible bacteria in hot tubs which can lead to urethral infection or staph infection via open wounds.
  6. Store condoms in the medicine cabinet for a limited time, as extreme temperatures can damage condoms.
  7. Keep a closed pop top bottle of lube in the shower/tub, not a pump dispenser style personal lubricant.

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