The Five Best Condoms for Anal Intercourse

Interested in having safer anal intercourse? While it’s a bum-mer that the FDA does not approve condoms specifically for use during anal sex, they’re extremely important for safety against the transmission of STIs and STDs.fivebestanal1This anti-anal stance from the FDA can make finding information about using condoms for anal play pretty darn difficult. So how do you find out which condoms are best for anal sex? Keep reading this condom buying guide to find out!

Textured condoms are not recommended for anal sex, especially for beginners. Smooth, thin latex or non-latex condoms, often called traditional male condoms, offer a less harsh way to stay protected and are the preferred condoms for less bumpy buttsex.

As we discussed previously in, “How-To Safer Sex in the Shower (or Underwater),” lubricated condoms are coated in either silicone-based or water-based lube.
Since the anal canal is designed to absorb moisture, water-based lubes will dry up in a jiffy, leaving you and your partner(s) at risk for condom breakage and STI transmission. Therefore, condoms coated in silicone-based lubricants are the way to go for anal sex.

Butt, since condom manufacturers often neglect to specify which kinds of lubricant are on their condoms, it’s tough to know what’s actually slathered on these things. We’ve made it easy for you by getting the inside scoop from those who make them.backdoor-glideAnd, of course, adding a buttload of additional silicone-based personal lubricant is recommended because the anus is not self-lubricating like the mouth or vaginal canal. Specially designed anal sex lubes like Pjur BackDoor Relaxing AnalGlide and WET Uranus Silicone-Based provide a more pleasant and comfortable experience for both partners.

After much research, here they are, the five best condoms for anal sex! Just click the product names for full specs:


LifeStyles SKYN (or LifeStyles SKYN Large)

These well-loved, super sensitive and odorless non-latex condoms come in two sizes and are ideal for those anal sex lovers with latex allergies!


Review: LifeStyles SKYN Condom


Kimono Maxx

The best bet for uncut guys who need a little extra headroom for foreskin movement, this condom is ultra thin and has a bulbed head shape for more fanny-pumpin’ freedom!kimono-maxx

Review: Kimono MAXX Condom


Caution Wear Black Ice

Adorned with the most luxurious of silicone-based lubricants, this anal-rriffic condom has a straight fit and a long-lasting coat of lube.


Review: Caution Wear Black Ice Condom


Crown Skinless Skin

Our top-selling condom, this Eastern condom offers superior sensitivity and a super soft latex material that’s light pink and perfect for gettin’ in the stink.


Review: Crown Skinless Skin Condom


FC2 Female Condom

This insertable, non-latex condom is worn by the receiver instead of by the tookus tapper. It comes with a cervical ring inside which can be easily removed prior to anal use. FC2New (1)

Review: FC2 Female Condom

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