Top 10 Most Comfortable Condoms for Uncircumcised Men

Whether you prefer your condoms to be textured, smooth, latex or non-latex, uncut guys don’t have to get the short end of the option stick when it comes to picking out a perfectly suited and super comfortable prophylactic.


It’s true. You don’t have to be snipped in order to fully enjoy safer sex! Surprisingly, the key to finding foreskin comfort during fornication primarily lies in the shape of the condom you select.


Often referred to as extra headroom, bulbed, flared, or contoured, this type of condom allows freedom of movement inside the roomy and spaciously oversized tip.

Despite this larger head size, be sure the base circumference is the correct condom size to prevent slippage or breakage during intercourse. Like anytime you use new varieties of condoms, it may take a few tries to find your perfect fit.magnumshape

The foreskin should be fully retracted before the condom is put on and then allowed to return to its resting state inside the condom before penetration. This protects the delicate connective tissues on the underside of the shaft from discomfort and possible damage.

Additionally, a high quality personal lubricant like WET Naturals Silky Supreme applied to the inside and outside of the condom before use is highly recommended for enhanced pleasure and safety.


For even more sensation for the receiving partner, select a foreskin-friendly condom which is also textured with ribs or studs or is externally lubricated with circulation-promoting lubricants (see those labeled as Ecstasy below).

Want to know all the details? Click on each product name for complete specs and feel free to peruse our staff condom reviews for honest accounts of them in action.


Now that you’re ready to dive in and do it and you know how it’s done, here they are, the top ten most comfortable condoms for uncircumcised men:


Trojan Pure Ecstasy

This safer sex product is perfect for intact guys, pure and simple. This lightbulb-shaped barrier could make you exclaim, “Eureka! I’ve finally found the right rubber!”



LifeStyles Pleasure Shaped

This lubricated, latex condom from LifeStyles is standard in every way except for its exceptional and anatomically-correct shape. No bells and whistles here, just the comfort of safety.



Trojan Magnum Ecstasy

A customer favorite in the Trojan Magnum line-up, this ecstasy-inducing, more headroom condom gives larger-sized guys breathing room right where you need it the most.


Review: Trojan Magnum Ecstasy Condoms


Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy

Designed with the recipient in mind, these cozy-for-the-uncut condoms are shaped to keep you as hard as a rock while you’re rocking her world.



Kimono Maxx

An incredibly thin, contoured Japanese-style condom gives him more headroom while still gripping snuggly at the base of the shaft.


Review: Kimono Maxx


LifeStyles Black Label

Kink it up a notch without cramping your uncut style with these crazy sensitive, black-as-midnight, contoured condoms. Fancy!



Trojan NaturaLamb

This non-latex, natural lamb membrane material provides no stretch and superior sensitivity but only protects against unwanted pregnancies, not the transmission of STDs and STIs.


Review: Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms


Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy

This chock-full-of-ribs condoms has so many ribs, you could enter a BBQ cook off. Just pass on the dry rub, guys. These condoms need more moisture.



LifeStyles THYN UltraGlide

Like your condoms to be really slippery, straight out of the wrapper? These thin and lusciously lubed-up condoms accommodate larger foreskin with ease.



FC2 Female Condom

A staff favorite at the Condoms Fast Blog headquarters, the internally worn, non-latex condom is an ideal solution for those who are unable to find the right fit in a male condom!

FC2New (1)

Review: FC2 Female Condom

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