Review: Beyond Seven Condoms

The Beyond Seven condoms has a blue tint that acts as a natural hue and helps disguise the condom against your skin reducing its appearance.


Okamoto advertises,

Sheerlon® has a silkier, more natural feel, much like skin itself. Beyond 7 Condoms are lightly lubricated for even more comfort. The Sheerlon® difference is a difference you can see, but most importantly it is a difference you will both feel.

The condom does feel different to its latex rivals.  It’s a silky texture that conforms better to the skin of its wearer.  I used this condom alongside the highly rated, Pjur Eros Bodyglide, and the experience was comfortable and felt fairly natural.  My partner reported not feeling the condom  much, but didn’t experience anything outside of the norm like other brands.

While nothing extraordinary, the Beyond Seven Condom is a solid choice if you are looking for an alternative to your standard latex condom. The condom also does a great job of feeling soft and silky allowing it to conform naturally to the wearer. Just be aware that most Japanese condoms are a bit thinner on the sides so it may not be for everyone.

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