Review: Lifestyles SKYN Condoms

LifeStyles SKYN has been making waves in the condom market by  promising a bareback or skin to skin feeling.


In our product testing we discovered a few reasons to like Lifestyles SKYN.  They are super comfortable for both men and women.  The soft non-latex material and ultra smooth lubricant are designed for people with sensitive skin.  However everyone can enjoy the extra care that has been taken to make these condoms perform well above standard latex condoms.

The lubricant that comes with the condom does a great job keeping things nice and wet, but you can never go wrong adding a bit of extra lubricant  for extended play sessions.  Another thing to note, since the condom isn’t made out of latex, rolling the condom onto the penis was easier, more gentle, and really did feel like a second skin.

LifeStyles SKYN measure approximately 7.48” inches long by 2.08” wide.   They are slightly smaller and shorter than their bigger brother, LifeStyles SKYN Large.

I definitely felt closer to my partner with the LifeStyles SKYN condoms. They  allowed me to feel sex naturally as if a barrier wasn’t between myself and my partner.    If you are looking for a great non-latex condom I highly suggest trying LifeStyles SKYN.  They are one of the leading non-latex condoms that provide a natural feeling without compromising safety and they won’t leave you feeling like you just wrapped your partner in saran wrap.

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