Review: Trustex Extra Large Condoms

For Magnum men on a budget, or for those looking for an alternative, we present the Trustex Extra Large condom available from Condoms Fast.


These condoms are wider than the Magnum XL’s made by trojan and the latex itself is very thing.  What’s even better are the price of the Trustex Extra Large condoms.  They are only $2.99 per unit of 3 (Compared to $3.99 for Trojan Magnums).  That’s a little under one dollar for extra large condoms without sacrificing quality or safety.

Through our intense, vigorous, and hot testing, we where very surprised at how well Trustex condoms are made.  We are bold enough to say that these condoms are the best large sized condoms we have used to date.  Don’t pass these bad boys up!

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