Review: Impulse Bare Pleasure Condom

The Impulse Bare Pleasure Condom may not be your first choice, but we have multiple reasons why you shouldn’t pass up this condom. When we say multiple, we mean multiple ridges and multiple studs designed to give your multiple orgasms.


It’s been a  theme lately to review condoms that aren’t your standard “ghost white” color and the Impulse Bare Pleasure condom is no different sporting a nice light pink hue to the latex. Allowing the condom to enhance your package instead of disguise it. We had to do a double take to make sure that it was on because visually the pink tint hides the appearance that a condom is being used.

For a ribbed and studded condom, the Impulse Bare Pleasure is surprisingly thin; it felt more like a second layer of skin than a latex sleeve. Also, the condom had no detectable odor before or during use.

The condom is a bit tighter than the Ria Wrangler condom we reviewed last week. We stopped caring about the tighter fit once we actually used the condom.  My test partner was immediately sent to the moon and back as waves of pleasure hit her as the multiple ribs and studs did their job.

Don’t just take our word for it though, the Impulse Bare Pleasure condoms are an amazing and affordable choice if you are looking to rock her world.

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