Review: Lifestyles KYNG Blue Condom

Kyng Sized for those needing a larger fitting condom with more roominess all around. The Lifestyles KYNG Blue condom is fitted for royalty with extra width and head room to ensure a comfortable fit the next time you polish the royal sceptre.


Lifestyles consistently makes condoms that beat out the competition in design and comfort. The KYNG Blue’s (not to be confused with the larger GOLD counterpart), measure at the normal condom length of 7.5 inches but have a slightly larger with at 2.2 inches (compared to a 2” standard width on other condoms.) The extra .2 inches make all the difference as your penis is give extra breathing room to provide more comfort while wearing the Lifestyles KYNG Blue condom.

The condoms have a low latex odor and the material used is very surprisingly thin. It also conforms well to the skin and conducts heat nicely giving a natural feel for him and her. Silicone lubricant is provided with the condom giving it a silky smooth texture. We prefer silicone lubricant for its long lasting quality and for it’s more natural consistency.

The Lifestyles KYNG is a great condom for men looking for something a bit more comfortable than a standard condom, but not looking for something as big as a Magnum. The soft latex and premium silicone lubricant make this an condom easy to get on and to get it on.  Pick up a pack of the Lifestyles KYNG Blue condoms and you’ll thank us later.


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