Review: Ria Wrangler Condoms

Howdy cowboy, why don’t you kick back and relax after a long hard day on the trail and saddle up a Ria Wrangler Condom?

CondomsFast-raiwranglerThe pink-tinted Ria Wrangler features a unique shape that is tailored for a man.  The pink tint helps mask the condom’s appearance and reminds us a lot of the Crown Skinless Skin condoms.  With 13 rows of studs and nine rows of ribs it’s sure to buck your partner’s bronco. The condom also has a flared tip giving the head of your penis more comfortable room than a ten gallon hat.

The size of the Ria Wrangler is probably not for cowboy’s carrying around magnum sized guns in their holsters.  Though if you are the type of ranch hand that finds himself comfortable with standard condoms than you’ll be nicely secured, and as we mentioned the flared tip does a great job of not suffocating your lasso.

A 12 pack of these condoms comes at the low price of $5.99.  So kick them boots off and start rolling in the hay with Ria Wrangler condoms.  The misses will be mighty thankful as she’s howling like the coyotes in the night.


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