Review: Cautionwear Iron Grip Condom

The Caution wear Iron Grip condom certainly fits this bill. It can go head to head with any of the leading brands’ “basic” condom and it’ll give them a run for their money. Not only it is an economical choice, but we like the low latex odor and the high quality lubricant it offers as well.


Do note, Caution Wear is completely serious when they say “snugger fit.” If you like a tight squeeze while you please, then the Caution Wear Iron Grip Condom is perfect you.

Measured flat, this condom measures at 6.7” long and 1.9” wide. Despite this width measurement, the base truly does a great job of grasping onto the shaft of the penis.

Since I have struggled with condoms being too large (at the base area) in the past, this condom was the ideal size for me. Personally, it worked great for me, but I can see how it might be too snug for some other guys.

If you are looking for a condom that won’t budge, even when the ride gets bumpy, Iron Grip condoms will hold on to ya for dear life. It’s like the white knuckles of condoms. This sucker ain’t goin’ nowhere.

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