Review: Durex PleasureMax Condom

Durex truly does bring pleasure to the max with their incredible PleasureMax condom. I’ve tried out many different textured condoms in the past and I’ve been less than impressed with most of the ribbed and studded varieties out there. Before the PleasureMax, I’d only experienced textured condoms which were thick, non-contoured and the natural tan color of latex.


What really sets the PleasureMax apart from the crowd is its unique and visually interesting contoured design, which is extremely hard to find in a textured condom. Its unusual and sizable head shape, paired with a snug fit underneath the head, allows for a more comfortable fit for men and a more realistic feeling for his partner.

To say that the PleasureMax increases sensations during sex is an understatement. The raised surface of this latex condom is positively loaded with seriously bumpy studs and it has ribs both under the head and at the base of the shaft for added “oomph.” Prepare yourself for a maximum sensation overload.

Most textured condoms have raised sections along the shaft, but not on the head. This is where Durex’s design differs from the rest, as the PleasureMax has a generous amount of studs all around the head of the condom as well as on the shaft. This textured head design is super helpful with G-Spot stimulation.

Appearance wise, I’m generally a big fan of colored condoms, (I’m a sucker for brightly colored packaging of any kind) so I enjoy the looking at the transparent ocean blue hue of the PleasureMax quite a bit. Additionally, the PleasureMax is thinner than most textured condoms, at just 0.0027” thick, which allows for increased sensitivity for both partners and a surprisingly clear view of the penis through the condom.

The PleasureMax is also ridiculously easy to put on and take off due to its ergonomic shape, its hearty amount of water-based lubricant and its sizable reservoir tip. Plus, this condom creates an intriguing silhouette and makes the man look like some sort of superhuman being from the distant future. Who says condoms have to be boring to be effective? Not Durex!

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