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In general, I am a big fan of Durex condoms and the entire Durex brand because they are so cutting edge and ahead of the game. Every time I turn around, it seems like Durex has made a new high quality innovation in the world of safer sex, without turning to gimmicks, marketing or fads for sales. The Durex Extra Sensitive condom is certainly no exception to this rule.

This condom is like a hybrid between a lightbulb shaped condom like the Trojan Double Ecstasy, which has no reservoir tip and a traditional condom shape with a reservoir tip, like the Durex Extra Strength. I really dig this fusion of shapes, which results in a contoured fit that allows for greater sensitivity around the head, without transforming the shape of the penis into something unrecognizable and alien-like. It’s like the crossover vehicle of condoms. The end result is a “best of both worlds” shape which is better for you and your partner’s gratification and satisfaction.

The Extra Sensitive condom by Durex is 7.75” long x 1.94” wide at the base. This makes this condom ideal for around average sized guys. I think it’s really ingenious how the head of the condom grows in size from 1.94″ to 2.0625,” because this is right where guys need more room. And yet, the base is still tight enough to keep the condom in place even after ejaculation which is, of course, tremendously important.

I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but man, the smell of this condom really kills my mood. This is quite unfortunate, because I genuinely love the look and thin, contoured feel of the Durex Extra Sensitive. However, as a disclaimer, I think I am much more sensitive to smell than other people are, because I’ve read other reviews which claimed that this condom is “low odor.” Much to my surprise though, despite the rather unpleasant fragrance, this condom tasted fairly neutral. The Durex Extra Sensitive can certainly be used for a pleasing oral experience without hearing any complaints involving the word “yuck.”

Even though I am a die hard silicone fan, the water-based lubricant on this condom feels quite nice initially and is adequate for a quickie. But, for anything more than that, additional lube will be needed. I felt like it only took a few short minutes for the lube to becomes slightly tacky in nature, and that doesn’t really scream “sexy.” Therefore, if you’re using this condom on the go, I highly suggest bringing a lube pillow like the 3ml Wet Original along with you as well for your ultimate sensitivity and comfort.

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