Review: Caution Wear Black Ice Condom

As an avid fan of Caution Wear condoms, I may be a little biased here, but their Black Ice condom is right up my alley. But, be aware of this: contrary to what the name suggests, this condom is neither black, nor does it contain any menthol ingredients. So, don’t be fooled by the name on the wrapper.


Not only is this condom not black, it is hands down the most transparent condom I have ever seen. I can clearly read a fine print newspaper through multiple layers of this condom. This means more man meat will be visible through the Black Ice than with practically any other condom on the market. Double thumbs up on this feature!

As far as the other senses are concerned, this condom does have an odor, although it’s not overwhelming. Yet somehow it remains tasteless. You know what this means? You guessed it. It’s fellatio friendly!

The shape of the Black Ice is slightly flared towards the head, which means it gradually gets a tad larger towards the tip. The width starts at 1.75” at the base of the condom and grows to 2” at the largest point. This smooth condom also has a reservoir tip and measures in at 8 inches long. This makes the Black Ice the ideal choice for a lengthier, thinner-sized penis.

The Black Ice is an ultra-thin condom which is made from latex. A lot of companies claim their condoms are super thin, but this one actually is at just 0.0027” thick. This is virtually the same thickness as the Trojan Magnum Thin condoms and the Trojan Thintensity condoms, if you are more familiar with either of those.

Honestly, I never even liked lubricated condoms all that much before discovering this brand’s amazingly silky and long-lasting lube. I used to buy non-lubricated condoms and add my own silicone lube, because when it comes to lube, I truly am a picky b***h. Oh, Caution Wear, how do you formulate your lubrication to be so awe-inspiring? I want to personally high-five the person who created this silicone lube, or possibly sing them an Ode to Lube.

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