Review: Crown Skinless Skin Condom

I knew if adult film stars have been using this condom, it’s got to be good. After trying them out, I discovered I also love this Crown condom. So much, frankly, I don’t even know where to begin.


Skinless Skin, You So Thin!

Let’s start with the remarkable thinness of the Crown Skinless Skin condom. At just 0.00185” thick, this may be the thinnest condom I have ever used in my life. These super thin condoms offer an outstanding and unparalleled amount of sensitivity.

Even though they are not a contoured shape, I feel like the thinness allows them to hug the curves of a man enough to make them feel like they’re a contoured condom. Once they’re on, you can feel every one of your man’s sexy contours. Heat transfer is another reason why this thinness of this Crown condom works so well for me. He can feel my warmth and I can feel his.

Wake Up and Smell the… Nothing?

As if the incredible thinness wasn’t enough to make me fall in love with the Skinless Skin condom, the lack of latex scent in this latex condom is just what I’d been searching for. Overall, I really enjoy the sensations and the amount of protection that latex offers, versus non-latex condoms.

But, the natural smell of latex totally kills my mood. As soon as I get a whiff of it, I feel like I am back in the emergency room. I’m sure others also have this potent scent memory or association with the smell of latex gloves and doctors. Not a sexy smell. So, finding an odorless latex condom was, for me, a game changer.

Pink ‘N Wet

The Crown Skinless Skin is tinted pink, which I wasn’t sold on originally. It’s not usually considered to be the “manliest,” color in the world. However, after seeing how sheer the latex is, the overall effect was more of a transparent pink tinge than a South Beach or Easter pink.

This fantastic pink condom is lubricated with a water-based lube. Under normal circumstances, pre-lubricated condoms have an unpleasant and unpalatable taste in my opinion, but not the Skinless Skin! I honestly had no issues with the taste of either the condom material or the lubrication. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “tasteless,” but it has a super subtle and non-offensive taste. I did add an extra bit of Pjur Aqua for Women during the course of action, which drastically rejuvenated the moisture level of the condom.

Condom Size

The Skinless Skin is roughly 7 inches long by 2 inches wide, which is slightly above the average size of condoms. I was concerned about this size, due to the thinness of the latex. Would it be able to withstand a larger penis while maintaining structural integrity?

The verdict is, indeed it can! As it turns out, the Crown Skinless Skin is stretchy and durable enough to accommodate a wide range of penis sizes. Not that I would suggest using a Skinless Skin on an extremely large penis, or a much smaller than average one, but for “around average sized,” men it’s simply perfect.

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