Review: Kimono MAXX

Is this condom totally awesome, to the max? It sure is. In fact, it is so awesome, they had to add and extra “X” to their name to make the spelling, “MAXX,” just to emphasize the point that this condom provides the absolute maximum amount of enjoyment and protection.

The Kimono MAXX is one of the larger sized Japanese-made condoms, so I was interested to see how it would stack up when compared to other snugger fit Japanese condoms. Measuring in at 8.125” long x 2” wide, this condom from Kimono is definitely more well suited for bigger guys than other condoms from similar Pacific brands like Okamoto, Crown, and Beyond Seven.

The ring on the base of the MAXX is thinner than other rings I have seen, which can translate into two different outcomes. One is, the thinness allows for a greater ability to stretch, which can allow for a larger girth. The downside is the ring is so thin, it could also lend itself to a cutting-in sensation for guys with more girth.

The extra headroom at the tip of the MAXX was a pleasant surprise, particularly in comparison to other Japanese condoms which can be a bit tight around the head area. Based on this length and width size assessment, I think this condom would be perfect for tapered men, who have a larger head and a smaller base size.

The latex used in the MAXX is ridiculously thin and super stretchy, like a condom version of the Stretch Armstrong toy. I immediately noticed its ultra smooth texture and the transparency of the latex used in the manufacturing of the MAXX, even before putting it on my partner. This sheerness really enhanced the visual experience I had while using the MAXX, while the smoothness allowed me to feel every part of my partner’s shape.

The lubricant in the MAXX is exceptional. It made my skin really slick, yet it wasn’t: tacky, sticky, gooey or greasy in any way. And talk about staying power- this lube really lasts and lasts. I also really liked how the lube wasn’t all gunked up and concentrated only in the reservoir tip of the condom, when I unwrapped it. It was pretty consistently spread from the tip to the base, whereas other similar condoms tend to be quite dry around the base when taken straight out of the package.

The Kimono MAXX has a very faint latex odor, but it honestly didn’t bother me. Unlike some other condoms, the smell of this latex was more of a, “so fresh and so clean, clean,” scent than typical latex condoms. And, since the smell wasn’t overpowering, I had no objections tasting the MAXX and at this juncture, I really became impressed with this condom. Incredibly, the taste was practically nonexistent, which is very unusual for a latex condom. For this reason, I give the MAXX two very big thumbs up for oral goodness.

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