Review: Trojan Bareskin

The Trojan Bareskin is a smooth, straight fitting condom made from naturally colored latex and it has a water-based lubricant. But, be careful, for it is not to be confused for its non-latex relative, called the Trojan Bareskin Supra. Way to be as confusing as possible, Trojan. I’m sure all the people with latex allergies out there really appreciate that.

The Bareskin measures in at 7.5” x 2,” and is just a mere 0.5mm thick. This qualifies the Bareskin to be classified as an “extra sensitive” condom. With a reservoir tip for added safety, these condoms have been compared to the Crown Skinless Skin by quite a few of our customers, due to their high level of sensitivity and similar sizing. The main difference between the two is the Bareskin is slightly girthier in size.

Now that sizing is out of the way, let’s delve into sensory mode. I’m sad to say this, but the odor of the Bareskin is pretty darn atrocious. So much so, that even with a stuffy nose- the potent rubbery smell still hit me like a latex tsunami, which never receded, even over a lengthy duration of time. Ahhh, run for the hills– it’s a Trojan-scented tidal wave!

As you may have already suspected, the taste was similarly off putting and unpleasant, but as an added surprise, it also included a massive helping of what I can only assume is a cornstarch-based powder. Nothing like a generous helping of latex flavored powder on your tongue to set the mood for being a-washed in romantic and sensual delights. Dim the lights, put some music on, light some candles, and taste this chalky condom, baby! Mmm, mmm- dry lip heaven. Where’s my ChapStick?

Seriously though, I definitely advise against tasting or smelling the Bareskin if at all possible. Use a flavored condom like the Trustex Grape for a much better tasting oral experience and then switch to the Bareskin afterwards, when you or your partner’s face isn’t so close to the action.

Speaking of powder, the water-based lubrication on the Bareskin was practically nonexistent. Approximately 2 inches around the head of the condom was lubricated upon opening the package, and the rest of it was incredibly dry and dusty, like the long forgotten aisles in the back of a New Mexico antique shop.

Whoa- this is an immediate warning sign that more lube was needed in order to prevent ripping, tearing and breaking. So, I employed a wallop of trusty Pjur Aqua lubrication to supplement the scarce amount of lube provided on this condom. This prevented the condom from overheating and tearing.

Frankly, although it wasn’t the worst condom I’ve ever used, I won’t be using the Trojan Bareskin again anytime soon unless there are no other condom options available to me at the time. For a similarly sized extra sensitive condom, I much prefer the more lubricated, less odorous and less expensive Durex High Sensation condom.

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  1. Trojan BareSkin is by far our favourite condom. We’ve tried many kinds, and this is the thinnest one we can find in stores in our opinion. However, if the girl isn’t wet enough, we recommend you use some lube with this, or else it doesn’t go in as easy. My boyfriend says this condom makes him cum really fast when we haven’t done it in a couple of days, but usually he isn’t a BIG fan because it doesn’t actually feel like bearskin, however the thinness is acceptable.

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