Review: LifeStyles Snugger Fit

LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms are part of the snugger fit condom range offered by Condoms Fast. At 7.87″ long x a 3.6″ circumference (unstretched), they’re the same exact size as the multi-textured LifeStyles 3SUM, the LifeStyles TURBO and the LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive and are a bit wider than Caution Wear Iron Grip condoms (currently our snuggest of all the FDA approved snugger fit condoms with a 3.5″ circumference).

LifeStylesSnuggerFeaturedSo what can you expect from a Snugger Fit condom by LifeStyles? Well, other than the circumference size being smaller than the average condom, these condoms are pretty traditional. They have a straight fit, a reservoir tip, smooth latex material and there are no added fancy features to speak of. Basically, it’s a normal condom with no gimmicks or tricks up its sleeve.

These condoms come slathered in body-safe, silicone-based lube (as the majority of LifeStyles brand condoms do), but as always– an additional lubricant is best for safety against breakage. To reduce the heat caused from friction and to add some extra sensation to the mix, my partner and I squirted on some WET Ecstasy Silicone lube prior to vaginal entry and it really got the party started off right with some extra tingly feelings down there.

Internally, the condom felt natural for me (the receiving partner), but I wouldn’t mind if the latex was just a bit thinner. However, I am used to sensitive condoms like the Okamoto 0.04 and the Kimono MicroThin, which are both made from a thinner latex material that apparently ruined me for non-Japanese condoms forever. Next time I’ll try the thinner version of this condom, the LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive and see how that compares.

Taste and scent-wise, the LifeStyles Snugger Fit is fairly neutral. The natural latex color and lack of distracting odor and taste makes this condom a shoo-in for oral goodness as well. Just be sure to use a flavored lube to hide any residual latex taste after the deed. I chose Swiss Navy Passion Fruit and it was a delightfully delicious accompaniment to this particular condom.


What do Condoms Fast customers think?

4 Stars

Tanya – Lakeland, FL

Snug and sensitive for both partners. Boyfriend was very happy as it fit him like a glove and did not slip off!

5 Stars

Tim – Amityville, NY

I am definitely no where near being a ‘Ron Jeremy’ sized guy, so these rubbers worked great for me. Very comfortable and pleased!

5 Stars

Chris – Reading, PA

Good condom that doesn’t slip off for us smaller guys! Very pleased with this condom.

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