Review: FC2 Female Condom

What’s the difference between putting on a male condom and a female condom? Think gym sock vs. wastepaper basket liner.

FC2FRONTBACKLOGOThe FC2 female condom packaging has recently been revamped and the new design and color scheme on the retail box of three is fresh, up-to-date and has a less medical looking graphic. Basically, it looks more appealing for those looking to have a good time, rather than just protect themselves.

Speaking of which, the non-latex FC2 protects against unwanted pregnancies and STIs and is covered in a body-safe silicone-based lubricant. They are made from nitrile and are included in our Non-Latex Sampler and like any condom, extra lubricant is a major plus for comfort and safety.

Full instructions for proper usage are included in each box. Like wearing any type of condom, practice makes perfect. Apply a high quality silicone lubricant to the outside of the condom or inside the canal for ease of insertion. More lube can be added into the condom once it is inside.

Unfortunately, there is some proof that FC2s may increase the likelihood of urinary tract infections (UTIs) when used vaginally, because the outer ring which covers the labia (protecting against skin-to-skin transmission of herpes, etc.) can trap bacteria in the urethra as well. Most instances have been reported from those who insert the FC2 way ahead of time as a precaution. Technically they can be worn up to eight hours prior to use.

If you’re curious about “The Advantages of Using an FC2 Female Condom,” you’re not alone. Internally worn condoms are FDA approved for vaginal contraception and, though not approved for this use, are often employed as STD protection during anal sex. People who use FC2s for anal intercourse recommend removing the cervical ring prior to insertion into the anus.

FC2s offer a unique opportunity for those who can’t fit into an FDA approved male condom. With an FC2 condom size is no longer an issue. These internal condoms measure in at:

  • Length: 6.87″ or 174.49mm
  • Width: 2.87″ or 73.02mm
  • Circumference: 5.47″ or 146.04mm



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