Review: Trojan Magnum Ribbed Condoms

Trojan Magnum Ribbed condoms are a textured, male latex condom made for those Magnum-sized members, like those discussed in, “Large-Sized Condom Solutions for Big Penises.”magnumribbedfeaturedWith special features like a gently flared head and spiraling ribs on the head and the base of the shaft, this mega-sized Trojan Magnum Ribbed condom measured in at: 8.12“ x 4.5“ or 206.24mm x 114.3mm (unstretched). With its exceptionally long length and large girth, this condom is sized even bigger than the massive Trojan Magnum XL.

Made by Church & Dwight, Trojan brand condoms have a reputation of being on the thick, stinky and dry side. Does the Magnum Ribbed follow in this Trojan tradition?MAGNUMRIBBEDUNWRAPPED

Not when it comes to thickness. Thinner than other textured condoms I’ve tried in the past, this Magnum condom is nearly identical in thinness to the Trojan Magnum Thin I reviewed recently.

The extra headroom gave him a ton of comfort and freedom of movement. Plus, with the additional ribs in play, the sensation was enough to send us spiraling upward to orgasm-ville. As the person on the receiving end of the ribs, I can attest to the seriously impressive significance of their added oomph.


Latex condom stank ruining your spank bank? While the Magnum Ribbed condoms were more offensive to the nostrils than a non-latex condom like the FC2, they’re not the worst ones I’ve used. Nonetheless, when using them for fellatio, the powdery, latex glove taste proved to be a lingering flavor which last much too long.

Trying to avoid a broken condom conundrum? Add lube. Seriously. The water-based lubricant that allegedly coats the inside and outside of this condom is nearly nonexistent. But not to worry, as I felt safe from friction after I added my trusty, silicone-based Pjur Original BodyGlide to the mix.

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