Review: Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms

Trojan calls these NaturaLambs their “luxury condoms,” and now I know why! They’re comfortable, durable, offer a bareback feeling and have the best heat transfer I’ve ever experienced. In fact, I kept checking to make sure it was securely in place because I couldn’t feel it at all.TrojanNaturaLambReviewMonogamy and Membranes

Beware though, as Trojan NaturaLamb condoms DO NOT protect against STI transmission, only unwanted pregnancies.

Therefore, they’re the perfect contraceptives for monogamous couples who have been tested for STDs/STIs. Basically, these are not vegan or Tinder/Grinder friendly, but they are biodegradable (unlike all other latex and non-latex condoms).

And yes, these non-latex condoms are fashioned out of natural membranes from the digestive systems of lamb. They’re made in a factory in New Zealand, the largest supplier of lamb meat worldwide and are electronically tested for safety and FDA-approved.

Condom Size and Shape Gives Shear Comfort

What size are Trojan NaturaLamb condoms? 7.37” X 5” or 187.19mm x 127mm. That’s correct. A full five inch circumference, which is even bigger than the Trojan Magnum XL and the Magnum Thin. The only condom with a larger circumference is the internally worn, non-latex, FC2 female condom. These natural condoms have a straight-fit with no reservoir tip.


Licking your Chops?

Immediately upon opening the black wrapper (with a comical logo of a lamb’s head wearing a royal crown in the upper right corner) the smell of gyros wafted up at me. Granted, many have complained about this unusual odor, but I found it to be preferable to the rubbery scent of say, a Trojan ENZ. Still, I can’t see using these for fellatio.

Lube on the Tube

Speaking of wetness, this super thin, hypersensitive condom is generously coated with water-based lubricant. But, surprisingly oil and silicone-based lubricants are safe for use with these condoms if you desire more slipperiness.

Drawstring Drawbacks

Exactly how does this non-stretchy condom material stay on the shaft securely, you ask? The Trojan brand recently made a switch from the old, tough to tie drawstring to an elastic string, similar to the thin, white, elastic strands found in gym socks or women’s panties. They call it the KLING-TITE™ band.

Honestly, for peace of mind my monogamous partner and I much prefer the original method of securing the condom in place. Baaaaaa. Before penetration we opted to employ a vibrating ring called the Clit Flicker to go over the condom onto the base of the shaft to keep it where it needed to be. Worked like a charm!


What do Condoms Fast customers think?

5 Stars Brody J – Oklahoma “Since my wife has a latex allergy, we only have a limited variety of condoms to choose from. We are soooo happy that we tried these out. Pricier than other condoms, but well worth it.”

5 Stars Kenny – Washington, DC “If you haven’t tried these, I would recommend checking these condoms out. Feels better natural and fits my larger girth well.”

4 Stars Bobby – Texas “Smell wasn’t very pleasant, but once you get over that you will appreciate all the other good qualities. This condom not only fits well, but felt very natural for both my wife and I.”

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  1. I don’t understand why no one makes rubbers big enough. These are advertised as the biggest there are and I believe it. Yet at less than seven and a half inches long they would leave more than half an inch of my cock uncovered and at five inches in circumference they sound uncomfortable for my six inch girth. I wish someone would make a rubber that would really fit.

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