Review: Trojan BareSkin Studded Condoms

Brand spanking new to the Trojan brand condoms line of offerings comes their thinnest textured condom made to date, the BareSkin Studded.


Sold only in a retail box of 10 condoms for the current price of $8.99, these are so new they don’t even come in bulk packs as of yet.  So, I bought myself a ten pack and bared some skin with my studliest of studs for the sake of this staff condom review from the Condoms Fast Blog.

Designed with the shorter, wider erection in mind, Trojan BareSkin Studded condoms are not as long and thin as other condoms made by this same manufacturer (Church & Dwight). Measuring in with a 7.5” length and a 2.12” nominal width at the base of the condom (unstretched), these flared condoms have a size that suits more penis sizes than Trojan Charged ribbed condoms which are straight-shaped, long and thin at 8.37” by 2.”


Technically classifiable as both a textured condom and an extra headroom condom, these roomy condoms are fully FDA-approved and have been electronically tested for protection against STI transmission and unwanted pregnancies. Plus, it’s interesting to note these are made in Thailand, the origin and birthplace of some other really amazing Asian condoms.

These hard-hitting, seriously studded condoms stay true to the rest of the BareSkin condoms from Trojan, meaning they have added sensitivity and a ton of heat transfer between partners when compared to other Trojan condoms like the thicker Trojan ENZ. The result? A more natural feeling.


With plentiful, raised studs smaller than LifeStyles Fun Bumps condoms, but larger than those on the Kimono Textured Type-E, I found the size of these studs to be a happy medium. As the receiving partner in the boots knockin’ these condoms did, in fact, get the van a-rockin.’

As always, it is vital to the integrity of the condom to add additional lubricant. Some would say this is even more important when using textured condoms, as there is more friction and increased heat from the elevated topography– the enemies of thin latex.

Slicker but with more tendency to dry up than condoms coated in silicone-based lubricants, like the studded Caution Wear Mission 707, we supplemented the lubrication on this condom with WET Naturals Silky Supreme for safety against breakage. 

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