Review: Wet Original Gel Lubricant

Wet Original Gel comes in three conveniently sized containers, which makes it suitable for every occasion. Offering a variety of quantities of personal lubricant was a great idea by Wet, because it allows anyone to have access to lube at any time and in any location. So, regardless of whether you’re at home or on the go, Wet has got you covered.

The three sizes of Wet Original Gel are: 3ml single use packets, 10ml pillows and bottles ranging from 3.5oz to one gallon sizes. The packets and pillows are intended for travel and/or one time use, while the bottle can be left at home. I will say that the pillows and packets are a little bit tough to open, but this heavy duty packaging protects the lube from leaking/damage. On the plus side, they are easily slipped into a purse, laptop bag or pocket for “lube on the go.”

Wet Original has been manufactured for 25 years and has been Wet’s top-selling formula during this time. Their motto is to “Stay Wet Longer,” and this is accurate considering how incredibly long lasting this Gel is. Before using Wet Original, I’d been a fan of silicone-based lubes because they seem to last so much longer and don’t require as much re-application (which can damper the mood). However, the overall consistency of Wet Original Glide as a medium to thick gel that doesn’t require a ton of re-application and it leaves a smooth and silky finish.

Wet tests their Original Gel with the most advanced equipment available to ensure it meets the highest quality standards, and anyone who uses it can immediately tell the difference between Original lube and other lesser water-based lubes. This is reason why Wet Original Gel has been such a popular choice amongst those searching for an easy-to-use, safe and reliable lubricant.

This water-based lubricant is so unique because Wet Original also contains ingredients such as Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, which are well known for their skin conditioning and moisturizing properties. I enjoy using Wet Original Gel because it doesn’t irritate my skin, even the shaved/waxed areas, which is hard to find. I find the formula to be extremely gentle on my delicate skin and I have never had a breakout, rash or clogged pores from using it.

Also, Wet Original Gel doesn’t have a strange “lube smell,” as it is completely odorless. This is important to me because scent is one of my strongest senses and condoms usually already have a scent, so this doesn’t add any additional strange odors to the mix. Speaking of condoms, Wet Original Gel is completely safe for use with condoms (and adult toys as well).

Additionally, I find it very easy to clean up as it washes off the skin easily afterwards and it doesn’t stain fabrics like clothing and sheets. Wet Original Gel also stays put during use much better than other runnier and thinner water-based lubricants, which means less mess afterwards.

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