Lube Review: WET Naturals Silky Supreme

What’s so supreme about WET Naturals Silky Supreme? As it turns out, nearly everything. Join me to find out why!

WETNATSILSUPHEADERWet Naturals Silky Supreme personal lubricant  is safe for use with latex and non-latex condoms and adult toys which are not made from silicone. We paired it with our favorite condom, the Trojan Magnum Thin.

Made in the USA by Trigg Laboratories, WET brand lubricants have been a long time favorite of the Condoms Fast staff. But, this silicone-based formula (which is enhanced with vitamin E) takes the cake when it comes to its duration and natural feeling.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone, Phenyl Trimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate)

Similar to the effects of K-Y Liquibeads, WET Naturals Silky Supreme seems like it’s originating from the body itself, as opposed to coming from a bottle. I got the 3.3oz push-cap bottle for the current price of $14.99.

Immediately upon use, my male partner and I knew we liked this formula. It was thinner and less messy than other silicone lubes we’ve tried, like ID Millennium, and it was super slippery. He also noted that it warmed up faster than other lubes, making it feel more natural.

We had no need to reapply, even after a lengthy lovemaking session. However, during a second trial which consisted of manual sex on the penis, reapplication was necessary. But, we tend to like a lot of lube for handjobs, so it could just be a personal preference on our part.


Afterwards, both of our skin felt supple, soft and moisturized, which I assume is from the additional emollient vitamin E. A little soap and warm water took it right off and no scrubbing was needed to remove residual lube around the genitals.

In short, WET Naturals Silky Supreme premium personal lubricant is a body and condom-safe lube that last the test the time, replicates natural moisture and doesn’t distract with any additional fragrances or flavors.

What do Condoms Fast customers think?

5 Stars Patrice – San Francisco, CA “Best lube that I have ever used. does not feel sticky, lasted long, and washed off very easily.”

5 Stars Jenny – Boulder, CO “I love love love this lube. It was never messy or hard to clean off. It made my skin feel soft, and a pleasant scent.”

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