Study Shows That Semen Makes Women Happier

Does semen improve a woman’s mood and make her less depressed?  According to a recent study conducted at the State University of New York, semen can have a positive affect on a woman’s mood.

Does this mean that it’s better to not practice safe sex and use a condom?  I would say absolutely not.  While this study was very amusing and caught my attention, I wanted to write this article to encourage the continued use of safe sex products.

A recent Sun article titled ‘Semen is Good for you’ sparked my curiosity.  According to the article, it states that semen contains mood altering chemicals that fight depression including estrone and oxytocin, which can enhance one’s mood.  Apparently, semen also contains melatonin and seratonin, which are anti-depressants.  A survey had been conducted at the State University of New York by researchers Gallup and Burch along with psychologist Steven Playtek, which studies the sex lives and mental health of 293 females.  These females were given anonymous questionnaires about the sex lives and asked to complete the Beck Depression Inventory, which is widely used clinical measure to determine the severity of an individual’s depression.

Based on the study, which is published in the ‘Archives of Sexual Behavior,’showed that woman who engaged in sex and ‘never’ use a condom showed fewer depression symptoms that a woman who ‘usually’ or ‘always’ uses condoms.  The study also showed that very promiscuous women who used condoms were just as depressed as women who abstained completely from sex.  This led the researchers to believe that it was the semen, not the sexual act that makes women happier.
Although this finding may seem to encourage people to not practice safe sex, the risks of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases far outweigh the potential mood enhancing properties that a semen may provide.  Sexually transmitted diseases affect people of all races, sexual orientation, ages.  The CDC estimates that there are 19 million new infections in the United States every year.  Having an STD, especially untreated can affect the rest of your life.  Keep in mind that there are certain factors that this semen study does not account for.  This study does not account for an individual’s personality, family situation, or other illnesses.  Although the idea of semen possibility making someone a happier person can be tempting, the risk of having an STD and the consequences that you would have to face would not bring a smile to anyone’s face.

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