Safe Sex Practices Can Be Sexier

The Love Campus Tour made its way to San Diego State University to teach students about safe sex and sex toys.

Two sexologists presented sex based workshops to San Diego State students focusing on happier and safer sex, how to play with sex toys and the truth about female orgasms in the Fowler Family Ballroom at SDSU’s Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center.

On Tuesday, Love Campus Tour began its first Southern Californian college tour at SDSU. The Love Campus Tour’s guest speaker, Jill McDevitt, started the event with a presentation on how to have fun and safe sex. In McDevitt’s first workshop, students ranked the risks of different sexual activities; such as dry humping, kissing and oral sex. Students were also given the opportunity to learn how to safely put on a condom.
“You’re actually getting involved with the action rather than just looking at the Powerpoint and trying to remember it later in life,” sophomore Olivia Hill said. “I learned that dry humping is less risky for getting a sexually transmitted disease than kissing is because there’s no mucus membranes involved.”

Sociologist and sex therapist Jennifer Gunsaullus, spoke about the different sex toys available, along with how to use them in erotic play. After the presentation, Gunsaullus said she hopes SDSU students will take away something useful from her presentation.

“The more creative and playful you can be around sex, the more you’re present in the moment and the more fun you have,” Gunsaullus said.
Gunsaullus continued to explain the importance of sexual enjoyment.

“The more you enjoy and appreciate yourself, the more you can connect deeply with a partner which is one of the most beautiful things we can do as humans,” Gunsaullus said.
Love Campus Tour at SDSU concluded with a presentation from McDevitt about the female orgasm. This presentation focused on women who fake orgasms to “get it over with.” It explored two main reasons why women may be unsatisfied with their orgasm, and how they can experience multiple orgasms.

Love Campus was founded more than a year and a half ago. Its mission is to promote safe sex on campus while focusing to educate young women, along with the kind of sex toy products that are safe for their bodies. In addition to everyone in attendance at the event, Love Campus provided SDSU students with a free gift bag filled with condoms, tickle pleasers, and massage oil candles to take home. Love Campus Tour’s next stop will be today at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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