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Review: Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms

Trojan calls these NaturaLambs their “luxury condoms,” and now I know why! They’re comfortable, durable, offer a bareback feeling and have the best heat transfer I’ve ever experienced. In fact, I kept checking to make sure it was securely in place because I couldn’t feel it at all. Continue reading Review: Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms


Review: Trojan Magnum Thin Condoms

As Condoms Fast’s top-rated condom for larger-sized penises, you’ve more than likely already deduce that this particular condom isn’t your typical puny, piddly prophylactic. And after my foray with this jumbo jimmy hat, it comes to find out that indeed, the Trojan Magnum Thin is both tremendous and not to be trifled with. Continue reading Review: Trojan Magnum Thin Condoms


Review: LifeStyles Snugger Fit

LifeStyles Snugger Fit condoms are part of the snugger fit condom range offered by Condoms Fast. At 7.87″ long x a 3.6″ circumference (unstretched), they’re the same exact size as the multi-textured LifeStyles 3SUM, the LifeStyles TURBO and the LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive and are a bit wider than Caution Wear Iron Grip condoms (currently our snuggest of all the FDA approved snugger fit condoms with a 3.5″ circumference).

Continue reading Review: LifeStyles Snugger Fit