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Review: Wet Original Gel Lubricant

Wet Original Gel comes in three conveniently sized containers, which makes it suitable for every occasion. Offering a variety of quantities of personal lubricant was a great idea by Wet, because it allows anyone to have access to lube at any time and in any location. So, regardless of whether you’re at home or on the go, Wet has got you covered.

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Q&A: Is It True That Some Lubes Can Damage Condoms?

Q: Is It True That Some Lubes Can Damage Condoms?

A:  Yes there are personal lubricants that can damage condoms. Oil based lubricants, for examples, are not recommended for use with latex condoms. Using oil based lubricants such as Vaseline or baby oil can damage condoms very quickly.  All of the lubricants sold at Condom Fast are approved for use with condoms to make your buying experience even easier.

The best practice is to make sure and read the safety information on the back of condom’s.  Manufactures will advise on the type of lubricant that is safe to use with the condom, while other manufacturers may suggest not adding extra lubrication to their products, as they may damage the condom.