Q&A: Where is the G-Spot?

Q: Is there anything I can do or look out for when it comes to finding the g-spot on a woman?

A: Ah, the infamous and elusive G-spot! We get this question a lot, and it’s mostly due to the fact that the g-spot is slightly hard to find, but when it’s found, it can make an orgasm almost guaranteed to happen.

The g-spot is located on the front inside wall of the vagina. It has a different texture from the rest of the vagina muscles, and may feel rough or raised. It’s easier to notice this change in texture when she is aroused because the g-spot will swell with fluids and blood.

When you’re touching her g-spot, make sure that your fingers are lubricated. Gentle press on the g-spot, and ask her how it feels. It may feel like she needs to urinate when you push on it, but as long as her bladder is empty, she can rest assured that this won’t happen, and that what she is feeling is normal — go with it, don’t try to stop it.

If you are unable to find the g-spot by using your fingers, there are also some vibrators and dildos that are shaped specifically to stimulate the g-spot.

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